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Saturday 12 August 2000 7:20pm

Well as you can tell I never got back to finishing my story. In short, I can't be bothered because I have better things to talk about. What happened was that shortly after that L2 had to leave to go to some seminar thing and as soon as she left L1 was noticably trying to find a reason to get away. She came up with the excuse/decision that she was going back to BigCity to see A (her bf at the time) because she was sick of being here, so we all went upstairs so that she could put a few things together and go. We got up there and K and a few others were asking about something to do with carding doors - or rather, how to make your door cardproof. I turned around to answer her, and in the few seconds that it took to do that, S and L1 had gone into L1's room (next to mine) and closed the door on me. Hmm ... nice. The message? An ever-so-subtle "go away, we never wanted you with us". Like I care anyway - just goes to show how much of a pair of friends they are. I went to the lab soon after that anyway - as I usually do - and when I came back (after my shower) I saw L1 up at L2's door leaving a message. I was getting a drink and when she came back she was still all red-eyed but did look a little better. She looked over at me and I said a quiet "you ok?" and she gave a wane little smile and said she'd be ok, like as if to say that she was still glad that I cared even if she couldnt' show that to anyone else. May be something there still.

Anyhow, what I'd started off to say - the main problem of the night was that the 10:00pm noise curfew seemed to be non-existant. And a lot of good C (our RA) was. She finally said something at 10:50 which of course most ignored for a while. The lights didnt' finally go off until 11:05. The majority of the noise disappated soon after that but the external door was still open and of course there was a bunch of people (L1, L2, S and a few guys) sitting outside talking, laughing and trying to cheer L1 up. Since I live only one door from the end, the noise natually made it impossible to sleep, so so much for an early night (that's what I'd come back from the lab early for). Well, they finally shut up and went to bed at about 11:30 (N.B. 10:00pm curfew) and I was finally 'allowed' to go to sleep, only to wake up again the next morning at my usual 6:30 while all the rest of them probably slept in. On the whole, I was NOT impressed!

And yet the night after - Wednesday (drinking/clubbing night) - when you'd expect there to be heaps of noise but the lights were off and it was totally quiet by about 8 when I came back from the lab.Yay! An early night at last!

Wednesday 9 August 2000 8:10am

Heaps of things to say today but I probably won't get time to say them all now, since I have class at 9. Oh well, will have an excuse for writting again later :P

Well the food has been pretty reasonable out here for a change but that doesn't necessarily mean that I still don't get hungry before the next meal comes around. *sigh* oh well, you get that.

Hmm ... there's four other things I want to talk about, thats the hols coming up, my dist ed stuff, last night and the hot water situation. All are going to be a little longish so I think I'll start with the last two not-so-good ones and leave the 'better' ones for later.

First, the hot water. Well, this one only goes to show you the extent of commonsense of some of the people around here - namely L1 & L2. The reliability of the hot water service up here hasn't been that good for some time now but people still persist in trying to have showers later at night (after 9:30/10:00) and then complaining about there being no hot water left. Now, to me, it seems like commonsense and a little bit of logic to surmise that if there's no hot water later on, then you have your shower earlier when there is going to be some, or if you really want a later shower, then you go downstairs where there's plenty of hot water because no-one lives there anymore. But they don't seem to have much of either commonsense or logic. *sigh* You just can't help some people.

Anyway, next topic: last night. Yes, well, where do I start with this one? I think I'll start from the beginning, earlier on in the evening.

I'd been coming back from tea, past the common room, when I saw L2 sitting with her back to me and her arm around someone. She turned around to see who it was that was coming and you could almost see the inward groan and glare that she gave me when she saw who it was. I didnt' pay much attention to who she was with until I was just about to walk past and saw that it was L1, and she was crying. Of course I immediately stopped to see what was wrong, because regardless of what L2 says or thinks, L1 is still one of my 'friends' out here and I do still care about her. Well I asked a few questions, like "what's wrong?" and things like that, but it became pretty obvious that she was trying to avoid giving too much information/details. She seemed to relax a little when S came to join us though. I said 'hi' to her as she sat down and she said 'hi' back in a friendly enough tone, though she certainly wasn't over doing it. ...

Damnit! Have to go to class. ttyl