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Thursday 12 August 2004


Posted by kim @ 5:14pm

A few articles that my RSS feed to NewScientist pulled up:

Atlantic ridge reveals underwater wonders
Scientists believe they have found several new species, as well as giant spinning plankton blooms and mysterious ocean bed tracks. ...

Controversy erupts over 'sterile' Antarctic lake
Russian plans to drill into unexplored Lake Vostok could be a mistake - potentially contaminating an exotic ecosystem, say US scientists. ...

Corals adapt to cope with global warming
The world's coral reefs may not be doomed, as two new studies suggest corals are taking on new heat-tolerant algal partners. ...

Monday 9 August 2004


Posted by kim @ 6:13pm

I was just reading back over some of my older entries and found this one (right down the bottom - 3 April) about maybe having to put my cat down because she was getting sicker... well, she's still here, still keeping our younger cat in line, still sleeping in her cupboard and still dribbling everwhere. No 'putting down' necessary :)

Thursday 5 August 2004

Unexpected comment

Posted by kim @ 7:12pm

"You're a strong little package" was the comment, given by a courier delivering boxes at work while I helped him offload. I shrugged it off, saying something about the boxes being almost empty, and in typical Supplier fashion, that last lot had been. My mum and sister would probably agree with him, but I didn't think I deserved a comment like that; I don't see myself as particularly strong, I can't lift an eMac/iMac very easily for example, but I suppose for my size I do ok.


Tuesday 3 August 2004

No. 1 reason

Posted by kim @ 6:10am

It only took a split second, but in that split second I remembered my #1 reason for shifting out of here when our lease expires next month: the leafblowerman. He's back, with a vengence.

And yes, in his usual fashion, I've now been awake for over an hour .. after going to sleep at 11ish (thanks to a double episode of Jordan) .. Yes, you might say that 6hrs of sleep is more than enough, but I'm one of these people that finds it hard functioning coherently on anything less than 8-10hrs.

I really need to get our video player fixed .. or just buy a new one.

And get a good set of earplugs.

And just to make sure, get a rocket launcher too.

Monday 2 August 2004

Page fiddling

Posted by kim @ 7:42pm

After fiddling with these pages, again, as I do, I've decided that when doing updates about Tix and Simmy's stay, and Iain's adventures with them, I'm not going to include pictures, even as small as the last lot, they are taking forever to load up. So instead, I'll just direct you to the Photo Gallery.

You'll also note that I've extended the Archives to go all the way back to my first blog writtings. The links won't work just yet, but one day I'll get around to making these pages (if I can find them).

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