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Thursday 29 July 2004

More sciency stuff

Posted by kim @ 7:14pm

Some more interesting articles courtesy of NewScientist:

US nuclear clean-up carries major risks
There is a 50% chance of a major accident while the US government attempts to clean up its dirtiest nuclear site over the next three decades, a new study concludes. ...

Ground squirrels ultrasonic squeals revealed
Researchers were alerted after seeing the animals open their mouths only to producing a faint whisper of rushing air. ...

Tuesday 27 July 2004

Huge update, part 1

Posted by kim @ 7:18am

I've been meaning to do this for some time, but haven't gotten around to it. Putting my foot down this morning, and having decided that I want to include some of the many photos taken, I fully recognising that this might will take more than one day to accomplish and so have added 'part -' to the subject line. In fact, truth be known, I probably won't even get as far as a quarter of the way through this first subject before having to stop and get ready for work. But anyway, here goes ...

Tix and Simmy's adventures

Now, I can't comment on most of the things that they and Iain got up to, because I wasn't in on a lot of it - having only just started my new job (a) I didn't have enough leave accrued, and (b) I'm pretty sure that they would have been fairly annoyed if I'd asked for two weeks off after only being there a month. So you'll have to excuse a lot of this entry for being photos.

Iain headed off to Sydney on Tuesday 22 June (yes, this is how far I'm behind) and stayed overnight in order to pick up Tix and Simmy at the airport bright and early the next morning (6:00am). Well, apparently Iain was 'bright' and cheerful the next morning, but Tix and Simmy weren't - having just endured many hours sitting on a plane, they were, understandably, rather jet-lagged.

They stayed a few days down there, meeting up with one of our friends, Vivek, and doing the touristy thing, touring Sydney Harbour and other landmarks.

And with that, I must go get ready for work. Until later ...

Sunday 25 July 2004


Posted by kim @ 4:20pm

Ever since Simon brought over his Read or Die (ROD) movie dvd and I watched the first few minutes, I've been hooked. I would laugh at Yomiko's antics, her being addicted to books in particular, and think 'oh that is just so me', even Iain commented a few times about him living with Agent Paper, particularly in reference to my addiction to booksales - I can't walk past a book sale without at least having a look - that I would quite happily live in a house full of books, that I fully plan on having a Library as one of the rooms in any house I build, that I know where most of the bookstores are in the CBD, my neighbourhood, and, if I had more money, the fact that I'd probably fall into the 'most valued customer' category at a few of them as well.

Having finally gotten ROD, the tv series, playing on my laptop the other day, I sat down to watch a few episodes this morning - I'd seen these particular ones previously but had to refresh my memory before watching the rest (thats my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it) - and I noticed a few more similarities to the characters: all through school I never ventured anywhere without a book, still don't in most cases, and I used to like reading in tight, enclosed spaces, particularly in the small space under my bed with a flashlight - unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it), growing too big for the space under my bed culled this habit somewhat. But I still love books as much as I always have, buy more whenever I get the chance, grumble about certain bookstores only being open 9-5 weekdays - the exact hours that I'm at work - and wish that I could find more time to do one of my most favoured passtimes, reading.

Hmm ...

Posted by kim @ 9:12am

I honestly don't know how to respond to this articles on NewScientist.com. I'm torn between thinking 'thank gawd for that' when the article says that the new Revised Management Scheme (RMS) wasn't implemented, and amazement that someone who is so obviously pro-whaling could get to be the chairman of an organisation like the International Whaling Commission (IWC), an organisation set up to conserve and manage whale species. I'm sorry but being pro-whaling and fighting for the conservation and proper management of endangered species just don't go together.

Saturday 17 July 2004


Posted by kim @ 9:26am

Just found these on NewScientist.com:

Cold waters leave whales washed up
Whale strandings are no longer quite such a mystery - on the beaches of south-east Australia at least. ...

Fractal patterns of early life revealed
Newly uncovered fossils reveal in extraordinary clarity the strangeness of the Earth's earliest complex life. ...

Spacecraft set to probe Mercury's mysteries
Messenger will endure extreme temperatures to determine how the innermost planet formed and whether its craters could hold water. ...

Interesting. And, see, my RSS feed is useful for something other than keeping up-to-date on my blog reading :)

Thursday 15 July 2004

An oldie but a goodie

Posted by kim @ 9:08am

I've seen this one before but I still get a chuckle out of it:


Tuesday 13 July 2004

Gone again

Posted by kim @ 7:53pm

Friday, I think it was, or maybe Thursday, last week, Iain got a call from work apologising profusely about ringing him while he was still on holidays (he was actually away, on holiday, up the coast with Tix and Simmy at the time) and asking when he'd be back at work. 'Tuesday' he said. This was apparently met with a few 'hmm's and 'ahh's, then: 'You know that project you just finished in Malaysia?', 'Yeess', 'well, they broke it, and the contractor is refusing to fix it, so we have to send you back over' then 'just for two days' was added quickly. When Iain asked when he was apparently met with more 'ahh's, then 'Tuesday night'. Not much notice. But then thats not that unusal for them. And its for three days, not two: fly out tonight at midnight, getting back in 6:30am Saturday. So I just saw him off again, catching a taxi out to the airport and off to Malaysia for the third time this year and forth time since the start of the project. So much for 'thats the last time; the project is finished now' that was said after the last trip. Oh well, its only for a few days.

Monday 12 July 2004


Posted by kim @ 7:51am

Well, they've gone. We just dropped Tix and Simmy off at the trainstaton to catch their train out to the Airport. They were really great people. I really do hope they enjoyed their stay; we certainly enjoyed having them here. Hopefully we'll see them again soon (us going over there maybe?). And I must say that although I'm a bit glad to have my lounge room (and laptop, thx Simmy :P) back, I am sad to see them go. They have got to be the easiest people to live with that I've ever lived with, with the obvious exception of Iain, that is. We had a great time, and it was great to meet them in the flesh finally; no longer are they just internet nicks to us, and us to them :D. Great seeing you guys. See you again soon.

Saturday 3 July 2004

Four weddings but no funeral

Posted by kim @ 6:31pm

Went for a walk this afternoon with Simmy, Tix and Iain along the floating boardwalk and saw four wedding parties. The walk only lasted about an hour or so. Four weddings. And yes, they were all different ones; they were all different outfits, different people, getting photos taken. Wierd.

And now for something completely different: (courtesy of this site)

Recordings for sale
The hair around my genital area has been removed by my having had gaffer tape applied to these areas then immediately ripped off, whereupon these most sensitized soft parts were skinned using ice and finally splashed with cheap after-shave. The article for sale, at the measly cost of your sending me one photograph of your girlfriend (in optional state of dress and decency), is a taped sound recording of this event. The recording lasts from the point at which the gaffer tape was applied to five seconds after the splashing of the after-shave.

Don't blame me :)

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