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Saturday 31 July 2005

Reading NewScientist

Posted by kim @ 8:46am

Yay! for this article. Maybe now they will at least think about what they are actually doing to their women and stop this totally barbaric and disgusting practice.

Saturday 23 July 2005

Introducing Eleanor

Posted by kim @ 8:41pm

I just realised that I haven't put any pictures in here of Eleanor yet, in fact I hadn't even told you that I'd named my Mini Eleanor. So here are a few:

(and what a cute butt it is too :P)

Isn't she gorgeous!? :D

Just a few science-geek articles

Posted by kim @ 6:05pm

11 June Melting permafrost pulls plug on Arctic lakes
20 June Pressure is on to lift whaling ban
25 June Fines used to keep Antarctica tidy
25 June Global warming will bring fiercer hurricanes
25 June Let the big fish go to save the species
2 July Whaling ban stays in place
2 July Primeval life reflected in present-day pools
8 July Deep sea predator creates red light zone
9 July Colossal catfish caught and eaten in the Mekong river
9 July Stark differences in African elephants' fates
9 July Shrinking lotus cut down in its prime
9 July China's captive pandas in trouble
9 July Sea life in peril as oceans turn acid
9 July Evolution: Blink and you'll miss it
11 July Sea urchin sperm are synchronised swimmers
11 July Sperm-free sex keeps hens happily faithful
12 July Gorilla deaths show tourists should keep their distance
14 July Arctic seabirds create pollution hotspots
16 July Why big beasts vanished when Australians arrived
18 July New test detects pathogens in minutes
19 July Bizarre boulders litter Saturn moon's icy surface
20 July Micro-menaces blown up for image awards
21 July Tiny caterpillars assail unsuspecting snails
23 July Mass extinction theory on the rocks
23 July Congo park may lose World Heritage Site status
23 July Thriving ecosystem discovered under Antarctic ice

Think thats enough for now :) Enjoy.

Saturday 16 July 2005

Eleanor is a beaut little car

Posted by kim @ 5:23pm

Just thought I'd say that :D

Thursday 14 July 2005


Posted by kim @ 9:04pm

An update from last Thursday's news: Bomb mastermind 'identified', London's 'burning cross' and Homegrown hotheads the greatest fear.

And some rally news too: Monkhouse Rally car destroyed in road accident - Jack Monkhouse was the most successful Privateer at the Qld Rally this year. Disappointing for him, but at least no one was hurt... except the car that is ...

Thursday 6 July 2005

New York, Madrid, London

Posted by kim @ 9:00pm

Another attack? The timing is right: the morning after the host of the 2012 Olympic Games is announced, and the morning of the first day of the G8 Summit in Gleneagles in Scotland.

Here's some more, in chronological order, oldest to most recent:

6:39pm Explosion on London Underground
7:17pm 'Incident' closes London tubes
7:24pm Fear of London bus blast
7:32pm Explosion rips through London bus
7:47pm Six blasts in central London, injuries
8:02pm London hospitals on top alert
8:38pm Carnage as six blasts rock London
8:46pm Two dead at London station
8:52pm Shock, confusion in aftermath
8:54pm Explosives evidence at blast site
8:47pm al-Qaeda likely role in blasts: BBC
9:08pm Blasts fit al-Qaeda pattern: analysts

Off to bed now. Will probably have more tomorrow.

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