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Saturday 26 June 2004

Introducing Joshua Brady

Posted by kim @ 11:02am

Yesterday, at 12:32pm, Michelle and Terry welcomed their little boy into the world two weeks early. Here's a pic:

You've gotta love that face :P You can see some more here and here.


Saturday 19 June 2004


Posted by kim @ 10:06am

Well he's finally done it: Iain handed in his resignation at Boeing. They didn't accept it, the managers wouldn't even acknowledge it, but it succeeded in scaring the shit out of them enough to make them listen to, and finally agree to, his complaints and what he wants done about them - things like not doing 5 full-time jobs at one time (it moved from 4 to 5 this week, prompting this action), not doing more than 40hrs/wk, not not getting paid for overtime, etc. So they've made a deal: Boeing have a month to get their act together. If, at the end of that month, nothing has changed for the better, or if things have gotten worse (if thats possible), the resignation becomes effective immediately and he leaves 4 wks after that.

So we'll see. He's important enough to them that they *really* don't want to loose him, but he even has the Head of Business Development for Boeing (yes, 'Boeing' the entire company, not just Boeing Australia) saying that he's vastly underpaid. So we'll see what they come up with in a month's time.

Tuesday 15 June 2004

Tidying up

Posted by kim @ 8:23am

Mental note: never, ever leave Iain home-along over a 3-day weekend again; he may be tempted to 'tidy up'. This activity is not to be confused with actually putting things away, as it appears to be more of a 'hiding things'-type activity.


Sunday 13 June 2004

Only in America

Posted by kim @ 10:14pm

... would someone come up with something like this.

Monday 7 June 2004


Posted by kim @ 7:40pm

Walking through Imbil State Forest on Saturday, birds whistling, leaves rustling, then ... vRRROOOOMm; the Qld Rally begins. What a day :D it was great. Definately going back next year. Took heaps of photos. Got more dusty then I've ever been before, but it was great fun. My first try at moving-car photography but I think I did pretty well myself :)

Friday 4 June 2004


Posted by kim @ 11:45am

I'm actually writing at work, and the root-word for today is frustrat* - frustrate, frustrated, frustating.

We're getting our system at work changed over from MYOB to SAP and the guy who had come in to do it was currently working on Annie's computer. He asked, not being a mac user, "How do I connect to the server?" - a pretty standard and understandable question to ask having never used mac before - and Annie proceeded to say 'go over here, click on that, click on this, go over here, click on that ...' etc, so I turned around and said "why don't you just click on the desktop and hit cmd-k?", and I made sure that I didn't say it in a condescending way or anything, it was an honest question, I mean, why do all that when you can just hit cmd-k? And she turned to me and said "That really annoys me when you butt in". And I really did feel like retorting with "Well, what really annoys me, Annie, is when people refuse to use the easiest way of doing things, and then have the nerve to turn around and say that mac is so hard to use because you have to do all this other stuff just to get anywhere - when you don't have to do all that, you can use the shortcut keys, I mean, thats what they invented shortcut keys for, use them." But I didn't, I just held up my hands, said "Fine", and turned back to my computer, keeping the peace once again.

And then, of course, needed to vent my frustration by another method, ie by writing in here. And that reminds me, if I'm going to be doing this in future, which I no doubt will be, I'm going to have to do something about having my back to the rest of the room, having entries like this one easily viewable over my shoulder. Maybe I'll get one of those Chimp mirrors from ThinkGeek. I'll think about it anyway.

[Update - 12:01pm: Or, once I get a bit more proficient with Norwegian, maybe I'll just write such entries in a different language, then it won't matter if anyone sees them. A thought.]

Thursday 3 June 2004


Posted by kim @ 2:14pm

'I stood, there on the street, watching the toxic smoke billowing from the gaping opening and cascading, turbulent, towards me ...'

You might be excused for thinking that I'm talking about a volcano somewhere, billowing poisonous pyroclastic gases into the sky, but I'm not. I'm talking about smokers on the street, puffing out stinking smoke. Now, I know that people have the right to kill themselves in whichever way they choose, but do they have to make it so unpleasant for the people around them, unpleasant to walk past them, stand next to them at the lights, work with them? Because the stench lingers.


Posted by kim @ 8:14am

Well if this wasn't a good enough reason to get a Mini, this certainly is.

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