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Tuesday 20 March 2001

Well I started writing some stuff yesterday just on a spare piece of paper but now I don't know where I put it. *sigh* I'll have to find it because its the intro to two issues I have to talk about. Oh well talk again later.

Thursday 15 March 2001 (sitting in Maths)

I've sat here in Maths every lecture so far, and everytime, I see this little Japanese guy and think how much he reminds me of the typical little Japanese man, like Mr Miyagi, with his generally neat appearance with polo and slacks, his little round glasses and ring of greying hair around his balding head.


hmm ... we're in the break right now so I'll write about what I did on the weekend since I finally remembered what it was that I had to write down.

Well I went out Saturday night (supposed to have gone Friday too but we got flooded out by this nice big storm so it ended up being cancelled). Anyway, Saturday night BoyFriend took me out to Northside so that EcoGuy and I could go looking/listening for owls - the Grass Owl to be exact. Apparently he was doing some research for the council on how many of these owls are in certain places around north Brisbane. To put it short, we didn't find any, after about 7hrs (7pm-1:30/2am). What we did was sit in each place for about half an hour, playing two tracks of owl calls over and over a few times and sitting and listening/watching. That was it - until 1:30 in the morning. Thrilling, huh? Well surprisingly it wasn't too bad, even though we didn't hear/see anything. The chances of us actually doing so was pretty low (considering that EcoGuy had only heard one (not seen) all week), so I guess I wasn't really disappointed all that much. And I probably would have been awake anyway even if I'd stayed at home - well until 12 at least - and whats an extra hour or 2 when I'm doing something special like that?!

Anyway I better go and actually listen to this lecture.

Wednesday 7 March 2001 (sitting in UEI again)

Yay! Its the second last lecture for the week (Math tomorrow then thats it) and he's finally figured out how to get the projector working so that he can finally show us this video he's been meaning to show us for 3 weeks.

Tuesday 6 March 2001 (sitting in UEI lecture)

This is so boring. I'm sitting here in UEI (Understanding Environ. Issues) and he just keeps woffling on and on and on. Well at least he's doing something I suppose. The week-before-last it took him about half an hour just to get the projector to work, then spent the majority of the rest of the lecture going back over the week before's notes and left the new stuff to the last 10mins. And of course we were supposed to be able to get it all down too. *SIGH* I really don't think he knows how to get to the point. He puts up his slides with diagrams and everything, then explains them, but the words arent' on the slide so if we take down the diagram and look back on it later we'll have absolutely no idea what he was going on about because while we're writting, he's explaining and we can't write down both at the same time. Whats worse is that there is a 40% exam at the end of all this and it is so hard to get studiable notes.

The lady we had last week was a little better, at least she knew how to work the equipment. But she had soo many notes and after half a lecture of furiously scribbling down as much as we could, she says "You don't have to write this all down". And there was a huge groan from the audience because we'd all been doing the same thing.


Oh this is boring. Thank goodness its almost over - 10mins to go at last.


ol Everyone just laughed. He had just finished some story with a table and then said "Ah, what was my point?" We've been asking that for 2hrs!!


YAY!! Finished!