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Sunday 30 May 2004


Posted by kim @ 1:31pm

I went down the street just before on the search for another bag for work, since the zipper is now broken on my other one. I didn't find any suitable ones but that doesn't matter, *I saw Dame Maggie Smith*!! Yes, really. She was just walking down the street like a regular person. Yes, Dame Maggie Smith (or 'Professor McGonagall' from Harry Potter for all you who are not up with the actors' real names). Wow. That was soo cool, and totally made up for not finding a handbag. And no, I didn't rush over and ask for her autograph or anything like that as (1) I didn't have a pen or paper with me, and (2) I know she's a very private actress, is very modest, thinks everyone is mad for fauning over her, and it would have ruined her outing to be hounded by some person wanting her autograph. So I just walked along the street for a while with her, until we came to the Myer Centre, I turned to go in and she continued on. Wow. Dame Maggie Smith. She's doing a show over at the Cultural Theatre on Southbank at the moment. It'd be so great to go. She's a great actress, even if she doesn't think so herself.

Friday 28 May 2004

Goodbye Tuscan Bar

Posted by kim @ 7:05am

I heard all this screeching of metal on metal before and wandered out to the belcony to investigate. The source was obvious immediately. The Tuscan Bar that (used to) stand diagonally across from us, is now no more then a barron concrete slab. I had actually thought that that building was Heritage listed, and that it had been the two buildings next to it that were to be developed - they were, afterall, the ones with huge posters of the artists impression of the future apartment block all over them - but its a bit late now to save it, there doesn't even appear to be the pile of rubble left. So that makes 5 apartment buildings going up in the space of two city blocks: us, on the corner of Mary and Albert, '212 Margret' on the same block as us, but diagonally behind, then the now 3 going up on Mary: one 3/4 finished, one 1/2 finished and one just begun. Boy, this is going to be both a noisy and interesting place to live in for the next year or so.

So *that* explains it

Posted by kim @ 6:58am

Iain sent me this link yesterday. I think it explains a few things. Don't know if it explains anything about *my* hair in particular as my parents have always had short hair for as long as I've known them. But it could explain why some people observe, especially in boys, 'oh, he has his father's hair', as a polite way of refering to the natural untidiness of it - Harry Potter for example :P I personally think that my hair just has its own strong personality and does what it wants regardless of what I or anyone else thinks, and contrary to popular trends.

And hey, like that lady from Oprah once said 'if you can learn to love your hair, you can learn to love anything about yourself'.

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