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Tuesday 31 May 2005

Three things learned tonight

Posted by kim @ 10:51pm

1. It is possible to strain facial muscles from excessive use when laughing too much/too often (if there is such a thing)
2. It is possible to laugh oneself hoarse
3. It is possible to bruise the palms of your hands if you clap too enthusiastically

Iain and I went to see Wil Anderson then Tripod tonight. Well worth it. With very bareable side-effects :D

Saturday 28 May 2005


Posted by kim @ 9:22am

A few interesting articles found in NewScientist's headlines:

New monkey species found in Africa
Wormhole wanderers face a deadly dilemma
Can taking the pill dull a woman's desire forever?

That last one is just typical, isn't it? Yet more crap that women have to put up with just because we were born female.

Saturday 14 May 2005

Little things

Posted by kim @ 9:26pm

A few little things noticed: the water is absolutely beautiful to drink (no chlorine or other stuff added), the taps are the wrong way around, after washing my fringe (I have to wash it more often then the rest of my hair as it has a tendancy to go curly and stick out in all directions when not clean) there was no need to blow-dry it, I simply combed it straight and by the time I'd finished drying the rest of me, it was dry and perfectly straight, perfect. The grass that makes up the lawn is fine-leaved, delicate-looking and soft-to-touch (unlike our tough, hardy, broad-leaved, not-very-soft-underfoot grass), and apple trees have strange leaves.

A Poppy

Posted by kim @ 11:27am

That funny red and purple flower that I mentioned before is a Poppy :)

Oh, and the times that I'm stating are NZ times - my computer says that its actually 9:27am Aussie time :)

Back later.

Adventures in the land of the long white cloud

Posted by kim @ 9:33am

Haven't written for a while. Haven't really had the heart. Haven't really had anything much to report either. But I do now. As the title suggests, I'm in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. Yes, I now have one stamp in my shiney new passport :D

It is much of what people and the tv commercials say about it. As we were flying in yesterday, in over the west coast, over the mountain (they call them 'foothills' here) range, over all the beautifully-kept, neat fields (most of which *didn't* contain sheep surprisingly) and into the city of Christchurch, there were two words that immediately came to mind: absolutely gorgeous - exactly what 'they' said. And the people here are friendly too, those that I've met so far - more members of Iain's family. And their funny accents aren't too hard to understand either, which is good :) I will post some pics in here once I've uploaded them from my camera. Unfortunately tho, the most beautiful scenes flying in - as we were over the 'foothills' and agricultural areas - I wasn't allowed to take photos of because we were decending and preparing to land so all electronic devices had to be turned off and packed away, including digital cameras. Oh well.

We had a bit of a wander around the town yesterday with Christine's brother-in-law escorting. More photos to put in here. And the most glorious autumn colours :) Those who usually get autumn colours where they live probably don't appreciate what a scene like that looks like to someone who's never seen it before. Its marvelous :)

Watched the Rugby last night, on Sky (their pay-tv provider), a game between two of the local teams: the Hurricanes and the Crusaders (one's from Auckland, one's from Wellington, I think, but I can't remember which). That game was ok, but not as good as the second game. I could really get into that one. It was a Super12 game, which I don't usually follow, but it was between the Auckland (?) Blues and the Aussie Waratahs. Now you might think me a traiter at first glance because I, as soon as I worked out who was on the Aussie team, started barracking for the kiwi Blues. Why? Because most of the players on the Waratah's team were what east coast Aussies refer to as Blues players - they play as the Waratahs for Super12, and play as the New South Wales Blues for Rugby, which I do follow. Let it be known that I go for 3 teams: the Qld Maroons (in Rugby), the Wallabies (the Aussie team for Union), and anyone playing against the Blues. So therefore I barracked for the kiwi Blues last night :) Unfortunately, the Blues lost. So the aussie Blues (the Waratahs) won : / Sigh.

The night wasn't as cold as they (Iain and his mum) have been 'preparing me for' - I had to chuck off the doona because I was too hot and slept just with the flanelette sheet and blanket. The morning dawned (well I didn't atually see the dawn, I was still snuggled up in bed after my second late night in a row) clear and beautiful. So I got dressed - jeans and longsleeved shirt - after having decided against a turtleneck since I got a bit too warm last night with the fire on - grabbed my camera and headed downstairs, stopped short at the front door after realising that I probably shouldn't go outside without any shoes on, did a 180 and headed back up the stairs to grab my uggies. Then I was set to head outside - Iain thought I was mad because I hadn't even grabbed a jumper or coat, but it wasn't actually too bad - cool, fresh, whatever you wish to call it - the tips of my fingers got a bit cold but the rest of me was plenty warm as I wandered around the little garden (we're staying at Christine's sister's place btw) taking yet more photos - this time of the funny red and purple flower outside the front door (it wasn't open properly so I'll have to go back and get another pic later), the little creek/brook in the back yard, the apple tree laden with fruit (you might think this also weird, but this is the first real-life apple tree I've ever seen - they don't grow where I come from, its too hot) and almost getting taken out by some little blackbirds zooming past, and of course the autumn colours :)

Its Christine's mum's 80th birthday today so I probably should stop being so antisocial and head downstairs again to help set up :)

Talk again later.

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