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Sunday 30 October 2005

One day

Posted by kim @ 6:30pm

Beth is so lucky. She gets (paid!!) to go to some of the coolest, most spectacular places. One day I will be like that.

Saturday 29 October 2005

Warning: rant

Posted by kim @ 8:31am

Yesterday morning I could think of the top 2 things that I won't be missing when we shift out: the combined bathroom-toilet, and the clutter. Today I've added another: the noise - I'm sorry but having two very active building sites just across the road is starting to wear a bit thin with me.

Did I mention that I can't wait to shift?

Tuesday 25 October 2005

Wild weather

Posted by kim @ 6:16pm

These in the news:

7:59am Record-breaking storm Alpha kills 11 At least 11 people were killed in Haiti when record-breaking Tropical Storm Alpha brought torrential rain to the impoverished Caribbean country, officials and witnesses said yesterday.

There have been so many Tropical Storms/Hurricanes in that region this season that they've had to start using the Greek Alphabet to name them :/ ... and I thought Wilma had been 'record breaking' ..?

8:11 Wind warning in place after storms A Strong wind warning remained in force for Queensland's southeast coast today after storms lased the region last night.
9:02am Wilma pounds Florida, floods Cuba Hurricane Wilma has furiously cut across Florida, killing one person and leaving more than three million homes without power after churning huge waves that flooded Cuba's capital Havana.
2:10 Wilma pounds Florida, kills four Hurricane Wilma swamped and pounded southern Florida today, killing four as it shattered high-rise windows, uprooted trees, distroyed mobile homes and cut power to almost 7 million people.
6:05pm Deadly storm causes $25m damage Savage storms shich lased Queensland have been blamed for two raod deaths and an estimated $25 million in damage to crops.

These aren't weather-related, but worrying nonetheless:

12:22pm Teams rush to rescue whales Up to 60 animals believed to be pilot whales have been reported stranded in southern Tasmania.
3:25pm 'Most' stranded pilot whales dead Most of a group of 70 pilot whales and other dolphins stranded on Tasmania's south coast have died before help could arrive.
6:15pm Australians escape bombing unscathed Australians have escaped injury as a spectacular triple bombing rocked a hotel complex used by American and other foreign news organisations in Baghdad, killing at least 17 people.

Update: (7:54pm) After searching Google, I've found out that Tropical Storm Alpha is record-breaking because its the 22 storm this season, not because it was bigger/stronger than Wilma (thank goodness).

Saturday 22 October 2005

She's done it again!

Posted by kim @ 3:53pm

Makybe Diva has won the Cox Plate! That's a record two Melbourne Cups and now the Cox! Absolutely Marvelous!! Well done girl! :D

And I can't go without mentioning that Fields of Omagh came 3rd! At the ripe age of 8, he didn't brilliantly too! :)

Friday 21 October 2005


Posted by kim @ 5:51pm

More on Wilma:

Record storm gathers force
Images from the storm front
Tourists flee Wilma's fury
Strongest hurricane heads for US
Wilma halts Latin MTV awards
Wilma threatening Mexico
Florida Keys ordered evacuated
Wilma stuns scientists
US to overhaul emergency agency
Hurricane Wilma threatens Gulf
Wilma latest hurricane threat

Thursday 20 October 2005

The most expensive two minutes ever

Posted by kim @ 6:31pm

I had a Doctor's appointment for 5:30, waited over half an hour to be called in, and 2 minutes and 3 seconds later had my prescription in hand and was walking back out to Reception. The lady at Reception said "That'll be $52 thanks." - apparently they don't bulk-bill anymore - and then I had to actually get the prescription filled... That's got to be the most expensive 2mins3secs ever.

Oh God not again

Posted by kim @ 8:34am

This in the news this morning :(

Tuesday 18 October 2005

Watching Rove

Posted by kim @ 10:46pm

I don't usually make a habit of watching Rove, as its on too late, but tonight I just happened to flick over after CSI:NY finished and he was in the middle of interviewing David Hasselhoff, asking him about BayWatch, Night Rider, etc, asking him a few True-or-False rumour things (he couldn't answer the one about whether Pamela Anderson's breasts were real - his answer was laughter and 'which ones?'), and what his plans for the future are, etc. The most memorable part of the conversation was this:

Rove: At one point you became the Producer and then Director of BayWatch. When you were doing the casting, what were you looking for? acting skill? breasts? what?

And David's response was this (no, I'm not kidding):

David Hasselhoff: A restroom.

At this point I just lost it. I totally cracked up. That answer was so terrible, so TMI, but so typically male :P I suppose auditioning a lot of good-looking, typically large-breasted women in bathing suits would have been a real drag. Not. :D

Wednesday 12 October 2005


Posted by kim @ 7:08pm

Reading this, my first thought was "jesus, and I thought the Qld Health System was bad".. I shake my head in disbelief that people like that managed to get through medical school and specialise in midwifery when they clearly have not even a skeric of compassion or bed-side-manner.

Monday 10 October 2005

A little cutie

Posted by kim @ 7:57pm

Ain't she cute? :D

Found here: http://escape.news.com.au/story/0,9142,16724302-28617,00.html

Saturday 8 October 2005

Last summer

Posted by kim @ 11:51am

Have been fixing up the Archives and came across an entry dated 26 October 2004... I wasn't looking forward to Summer then, and with the mercury hitting 40C out at Ipswich last week (note the date of this entry) ... this Summer's going to be even worse than last year .. great : /

Wednesday 5 October 2005


Posted by kim @ 8:23pm

Reading this, I'm definately in the wrong profession.

Where's the nearest Hooters? :P Joking.

Spring has sprung

Posted by kim @ 5:12pm

I took this pic of a Jacaranda yesterday, its purple flowers in full show and raining down on me, on my way home from the Post Office after work.

Pretty, isn't it? :)

Monday 3 October 2005

Deja vu

Posted by kim @ 7:41pm

This in the news:

3:56pm 5000 Bali returnees interviewed AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have interviewed more than 5000 passengers returning from Bali and taken video footage, photos and clothing from people who may be able to provide evidence to help track down the terrorists.
3:42pm Shaky video reveals full Bali horror THE video images are grainy but the effect is chilling.
2:42pm Aussie return home in mass exodus SOME emerged from the planes in tears, others showed no emotion as they walked silent and stoney faced into the arms of waiting family and friends.
2:04pm Emergency team to stay in Bali AN Australian military emergency response team, along with defence force surgeons, will remain as long as needed in Bali to help in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks.
1:27pm Beazley praises Bali response FEDERAL Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has praised Australia's "skilled and rapid response" to the latest terrorist bombings in Bali.
1:14pm First Bali victims phone counsellors AUSTRALIAN victims of the first Bali bombings are having to relive the nightmare of 2002 after this weekend's suicide attacks on the Indonesian island resort.
12:40am Rumours of more bombs grip Bali ANONYMOUS phone text messages warning of more terror attacks have unnerved Bali's expatriate community, with many Australian residents saying they are ready to leave the island.
11:14am Hunt for bomb masterminds INDONESIAN police scrutinised an amateur video tape today of a man apparently with a backpack entering a restaurant before one of three blasts in Bali which killed as many as 26 people and wounded 122.
11:01am Five Bali victims critical FIVE people injured in the deadly Bali blasts are in a critical condition in Royal Darwin Hospital.
10:15am Bali survivors fear for locals TOURISTS arriving back in Australia from Bali say the terrorist bombs that rocked the holiday island will devastate its economy.
10:02am All Aussies 'accounted for' ALL Australians were believed to be accounted for in Bali after the deadly blasts across the resort island, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Bruce Billson said today.
9:36am All injured out of Bali: Abbott ALL Australians who were injured in the weekend's terrorist bombings in Bali have been evacuated from the island and are being cared for either in Australia or Singapore, the Health Minister, Tony Abbott said today.
9:30am Injured treated for 'horrific' wounds INJURED Australians have been treated in Darwin for horrific shrapnel wounds sustained in the Bali blasts.
9:19am City in shock over Bali death: Mayor THE Newcastle community is in shock over the death of a local woman and the wounding of other residents in the latest Bali bombings, but will rally around the survivors, Lord Mayor John Tate said today.
8:43am Blast toll will rise: Downer THE Australian death toll from the Bali bombings could rise to at least four, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has said, as the injured have started arriving in Darwin.
8:30am Indonesia can track down bombers: Keelty AUSTRALIAN Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has defended Indonesian authorities against questions over their ability to prosecute the perpetrators of the weekend's blast in Bali.
6:48am A HERCULES transport plane has arrived in Darwin this morning carrying Australians wounded in the Bali bombings.
4:56am Suicide bombers blamed for blasts SUICIDE bombers staged the deadly Bali blasts which killed at least 26 people, including three Australians, and wounded more than 120, Indonesia said overnight as its anti-terror chief blamed Islamic militants linked to al-Qaeda for the attacks.
3:00am Malaysians key suspects TWO Malaysians accused of orchestrating the bombings in Bali three years ago are suspected of having a hand in the latest terrorist attack on the Indonesian island.
1:43am World leaders condemn bombings WORLD leaders condemned a wave of attacks by suspected suicide bombers on Bali that left at least 26 people dead and pledged to support Indonesia in its fight against terrorism.
12:30am Grisly bomber photos released INDONESIAN police last night released grisly photos of the three men they believe launched a trio of suicide bomb attacks in Bali as chilling amateur video footage captured the final moments before one youth triggered one of the blasts.
12:00am Don't desert Bali: Beazley FEDERAL Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has called on Australians to not desert Bali.
11:18pm 'At least six' behind bombings AT least six people conspired to carry out the latest Bali blasts including the three suspected suicide bombers, Bali police chief I Made Mangku Pastika said today.
10:46pm Aussies still head to Bali AUSTRALIANS are continuing to travel to Bali despite yesterday's deadly blasts.
10:25pm Wounded Australians out of Bali A DOZEN Australians injured in the weekend bombings on the Indonesian resort island of Bali were flown home by the Australian air force tonight, an officer said.

I've really got to find something cheerful to talk about...

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