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Thursday 19 January 2006

Ignorance was bliss

Posted by kim @ 2:57pm

About an hour ago I inadvertently found out what one of the other people here gets paid. He had printed out his payslip and then forgotten to get it off the printer. I had then inadvertently seen it when I went to get the things I'd printed out.

A bit of background: this person comes to work every day and ... does nothing. There isn't any other way of say it. He gets paid to sit there and do basically nothing - surf the net, wander around the city, go shopping (yes, shopping) with our Manager, lodge a few things on our ebay store (not an every-day task), which then almost always sells at a huge loss, have hour-long lunches when the rest of us don't even get the 30mins owed to us most days, and answer the door on the odd occasion that he is actually at his desk ... and thats about it. Totally aside from the attitude that we all have to put up with from him every day...

Me, on the other hand, as Purchasing, RMA and Dispatch Officer for the company, run around like a headless chook each day trying to get all my work done.

And get paid less then half the hourly rate for the pleasure of doing so.

Time to start looking for another job.

Crushed. Devastated.

Posted by kim @ 6:50am

Two words to discribe this morning's gardening activity.

I got up early this morning, yet another morning that I wake up at some ungodly hour and can't go back to sleep, and looked out the window into the back yard. My eyes were immediately drawn to my bonsai. It's leaves yellowing.

Until I shifted into my own house at the end of last year, mum had been its caretaker and had reported that it had done this previously, going yellow, dropping all its leaves then resprouting with a flourish. Until now, both of us had just put it down to drought stress, so we'd made sure that it had plenty of water and fertiliser to keep it going. But when I looked out at it this morning I knew that this was something else, this wasn't just drought stress, there was something else at play here. So I headed back to my bedroom, got changed, went downstairs, grabbed my bonsai potting mix and chop-stick and head out into the backyard.

As soon as I stuck my chop-stick into the soil and felt it go straight through and grait against the pot-bottom, I knew something was *very* wrong; a nine-year-old grouped bonsai that hadn't been repotted in over a year should not be like that, the soil should be hard with compacted and intertwined root systems, and probably a bit pot-bound. It was not. And when I accidently knocked one of the trees while I was moving it to my gardening table, and the tree fell over, my heart sank. This was very wrong.

At the garden table, I gently pulled the fallen tree out of the soil. It was any wonder that it hadn't fallen over well before now - as it had absolutely no fine roots, only the three big fat surface roots. It was any wonder the plant had been looking so sick; without fine/hair roots it wouldn't have been able to absorb water and nutrients, and in a drought that is a particularly bad thing. Sadly, the other two plants were in a similar state, one worse in fact. And the cause? Hordes of big fat root grubs. I was heart-broken. Resolutely, (with tears streaming down my face) I set about fixing as much of the damage as I could. Carefully, I removed each tree and set it aside, picking out as many grubs as I could. The soil I scooped into a plastic bag - there was no way I was putting this soil and its unknown numbers of grubs and eggs onto my garden - picking out more grubs and setting them aside in a jar, and tied the bag firmly closed. I then set about scrubing the pot and rocks clean, and washing the roots of each tree, to remove any eggs/grubs. Then started the process of repositioning and repotting the grouping, finishing with a good long watering and setting it back in its part-sun position.

Lastly I counted the grubs I'd collected. I stopped counting at 28.

It was without doubt the most heart-renching thing I'd witnessed in recent history. You might think: "its just a plant for chrissakes", but its not 'just a plant' it is the oldest and the sole survivor of all the bonsia that I used to have in high school. I've cared and looked after it, pruned and shaped it, watered and repotted it, for nearly 10 years, and fulling intend on having it for another 10 at least. And with a lot more care and attention then I've been paying it lately, it will make the 20year mark, and beyond.

Thursday 19 January 2006


Posted by kim @ 4:40pm

Right now I'm looking at a piece of paperwork that could get a particular person in a bit of trouble. It would only be a little bit of trouble, if it had been found on any other day but today. Today that particular person has been in *a lot* of trouble; has come a smidgen from getting fired in fact. So that 'little bit of trouble' that I could provide could easily be the last straw for my boss. So the matter remains, do I tell my boss or not? The little devil is sitting on one shoulder saying 'Come on, you know you want to. You never really liked that guy anyway. Come on, he's such a sleaze, you know he deserves it.' .. then the little angel on my other shoulder whispers 'You think he's had a bad enough day today. Let it go just this once.' And as much as I feel like being malicious to this person, I'm going with the angel.

Tuesday 10 January 2006

Stairs to nowhere

Posted by kim @ 8:57pm

With all the demolishing thats been going on in the city over the past few years, one pretty cool thing appeared on the outer wall of a neighbouring building at one particular site: the impression of stairs halfway up the wall. I realised the other day that if I was going to remember this pretty cool thing I'd have to hurry up and take a picture of it because it probably won't be there for much longer - it'll get covered up by the new building getting constructed in front of it. So here they are:

Sunday 8 January 2006

A sneakers kinda girl

Posted by kim @ 3:32pm

Mum, T and I went out to see what the new DFO Airport Discount Shopping Outlet was like this morning. Its pretty good, just like any other shopping centre really. I only made two purchases, which isn't unusual for me - my sister is the shopper in our family - in fact its more unusual that I found even two things that I wanted to buy.. Anyway, I found these sneakers in one of the stores and immediately knew they were for me, they were just so .. me :) They were comfy, cheap, and even a bit trendy :) So I just had to buy them, and then experiment with the camera when I got home :) Can't wait for next weekend now so I can wear them.