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Friday 17 February 2006

My girls

Posted by kim @ 7:34pm

It has taken me this long to get a semi-non-blurry photo of my meeces, so here it is:

Pips is the brown-and-white one at the top, Scoot, the mostly-grey one is in the middle, and Lara, the mostly-white one is at the bottom of the photo.

Aren't they cute!? They have to be the most entertaining pets I've ever had! I could watch them for ages :) And they have their distinct personalities: Lara is more active, she does most of the renovating and is realitively easy to pick up; Scoot is as well, but she's also a lot more calm, slower moving then Lara (except when she feels like hairing around in the tunnels :P); and Pips is the hardest to catch, is quick moving and is the most nervous - the slightest noise and she'll run away and hide - in fact moments after taking this picture she ran off and hid in the cardboard box-house underneath the landing shown in the pic.

:) I love 'em.

Sunday 12 February 2006

Houston we have a problem!

Posted by kim @ 3:52pm

Hahahahaha! The funniest thing just happened! But first some background information.

I've been wanting to get some pet mice for a while but until this morning didn't have suitable lodgings, or the pet shop didn't have suitable mice (the week-before-last they had nothing but males (I wanted three females), and last week the only female that they had was 'possibly pregnant' so that little one got a 'ah no thanks'). But today we had success: heaps of females, all of different patterns and colourings so that they could be easily disernable to the inexperienced eye. After standing there watching them for a bit to make sure they were all healthy and energetic, I chose an exercise wheel and a water bottle, and headed off to get the attention of the 'small mammals' attendent. I chose three and she scooped them up into a little box she'd prepared. I asked if there was anything, apart from cheese, that I should avoid feeding them and she asked if I'd had mice before, I said no, not as pets (my BF put in that I'd had them before but only as food for snakes, and she actually chucked at that, and said that these ones are a bit different, you have to handle these ones), so she handed me a panphlet of care, housing, what and what not to feed them etc. I thanked her and headed to the check-out. At home I placed them into the cage that I'd prepared earlier and sat there for a while talking to them and watching them run around exploring their new surroundings.

After about half an hour I started moving around, hung some washing up, went upstairs to put some groceries away. When I heard my mum-in-law drive into the driveway I quickly got up to close the door to downstairs, because my mum-in-law was bring her dog around for a little while and I didn't want her dog getting downstairs and scaring my mice. As I made my way down the stairs I looked over at where I'd left the cage, and had to do a double-take. Two of the mice were sitting on the roof of the cage! Yes, on the outside of the cage! I called out to Iain 'Ah, Iain, we have a problem!' and quickly scooped up the escapees - thankfully they are very used to people, like being handled and are already getting used to our smell - and put them back into their travel box. After checking that the third mouse was still in the cage (yep) I closed the door to downstairs and headed back upstairs taking the travel box and two mice with me. I met my BF and mum-in-law at the front door and said "ah, our cage isn't mouse-proof". BF raised his eye-brows and, as I handed him the travel box, I said "these two were sitting on the roof, *outside* the cage" and he said "ah, I think you better go back to the petshop and get another cage","yes". So off I went, back to the petshop. The same girl that had served me this morning was there and I said "you know those mice I bought off you this morning?", she said "oh no, what happened?", I said "ah, they got out", and the look of abject horror on her face .. I had to reassure her with "don't worry, I caught them, but I think I need to mouse-proof my cage a bit better", she whole-heartedly agreed and took me over to where the cages are kept. After showing her one similar to the one that we have, she showed me the ones they have with smaller bars. I chose one that I thought would be ok, paid for it and headed home. After swapping over all the furnishings from the old cage to the new and placing the mice back in, they are now up with me, in the lounge room, so I can keep an eye on them :P

Oh! Names! I haven't introduced them yet! Once I manage to take not-blurry photos of them (they never stop moving around) I will post them in here, but for the time-being a simple description will have to surfice. Lara is the mostly-white one with brown splotches - because she is constantly exploring (yes, named after Lady Lara Croft, Tomb Raider), Scoot is the mostly-black/grey one with a white ring around her neck - she got her name because as soon as she was put in the cage she was scooting around in all the toilet-roll-tunnels I'd made for them, and Pips is the mostly-brown one with a white band around her middle and a brown spot between her shoulderblades - she didn't really get named after anything, I just liked the name, and she likes running in the exercise wheel that I got them, round and round :) And it was Lara and Pips who got out - Scoot was too busy washing herself in one of the tunnels.

So there you have it. The new additions to my family :)