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Saturday 7 April 2007

Weather reports cont

Posted by kim @ 5:01pm

Happy Easter everyone! :D

And here are some more updates for you all :)

Article for Tuesday 27 February:
Cyclone set to form tonight (.pdf)

Wednesday 28 February:

Thursday 1 March:

Article for Thursday 1 March:
Severe weather warning issued to NT (.pdf)

Articles for Friday 2 March:
Rain influence moves away from region (.pdf)
Cyclone threat may move to central coast (.pdf)
Wimmera-Mallee experiences hotter summer (.pdf)
Regional experiences lower summer rainfall (.pdf)
Summer rain not so good for parts of Pilbara (.pdf)
South-west records hotter summer (.pdf)
DSE crews on standby for weekend fire threat (.pdf)
Rainfall causes flooding in Oenpelli (.pdf)
Cyclone watch issued for NT and WA (.pdf)
Upto 14 killed in tornadoes (.pdf)
US tornado toll reaches 19 (.pdf)
US tornadoes leave at least 17 dead (.pdf)

Saturday 3 March:

Articles for Saturday 3 March:
NT, WA communities on cyclone watch (.pdf)
Cyclone forecasters watch low off Mackay (.pdf)
River Murray records lowest flow ever (.pdf)
Storms drench Darwin, cut roads (.pdf)
Qld on alert for Cyclone Odette (.pdf)
Cyclone warning issued for northern Australia (.pdf)
Tropical cyclone Odette stationary off Qld coast (.pdf)
Tornadoes death toll rises to 20 (.pdf)

Sunday 4 March:

Articles for Sunday 4 March:
Odette teases central Qld coastline (.pdf)
Cyclone George threatens NT, WA (.pdf)
Cyclone continues march across north-west Aust (.pdf)
Cyclone causes flooding across NT (.pdf)
NT community cut off by flood (.pdf)
WA braces for Cyclone George (.pdf)
Cyclone buffets far north WA (.pdf)
Cyclone Odette weakens to tropical low (.pdf)
Cyclone George crosses WA coast (.pdf)

Monday 5 March:

Articles for Monday 5 March:
WA communities brace for cyclone (.pdf)
Rain hopes dissipate along with cyclone (.pdf)
Strong winds buffet WA towns (.pdf)
Inland Qld temperatures soar (.pdf)
Steady rain the only solution for Murray system (.pdf)
Cyclone George continues on path to sea (.pdf)
An aside:
New species of mosquitoes found (.pdf)

Articles for Tuesday 6 March:
Mop-up begins after NT flooding (.pdf)
Pilbara warned to watch for cyclone warnings (.pdf)
Heat wave to continue (.pdf)
Mosquito-borne disease warning issued for flooded Top End (.pdf)

Articles for Wednesday 7 March:
Threat eases as Cyclone George taunts northern WA coast (.pdf)
Oenpelli residents assess flood damage (.pdf)
Heat melts weather bureau records (.pdf)
Sweltering heat takes toll on banana crops (.pdf)

Articles for Thursday 8 March:
Cyclone George changes path (.pdf)
Cyclone George intensifies off WA coast (.pdf)
WA communities on red alert as cyclone approaches (.pdf)

Friday 9 March:

Articles for Friday 9 March:
Cyclone hits WA town (.pdf)
Rain falls in dam catchments (.pdf)
Three reported dead after WA cyclone (.pdf)
Two confirmed dead after cyclone hits WA mine site (.pdf)
NT floods bring $5m clean-up bill (.pdf)
PM pledges extra funding for Cyclone George victims (.pdf)

Articles for Saturday 10 March:
Cyclone battered communities brace for more wild weather (.pdf)
Cyclone George moves inland, Jacob menaces coast (.pdf)
North-west WA cleans up after Cyclone George, braces for Jacob (.pdf)
Carpenter assesses cyclone damage (.pdf)
Second cyclone threatens WA communities (.pdf)

Sunday 11 March:

Articles for Sunday 11 March:
Jacob weakens but remains on track to hit WA coastline (.pdf)
Howard offers Army help to WA's cyclone affected areas (.pdf)
Cyclone George claims second life (.pdf)

Monday 12 March:

Articles for Monday 12 March:
WA braces for second cyclone (.pdf)
Pilbara residents relieved Jacob has weakened (.pdf)
Southern Qld swelters in record heat (.pdf)
Metals group expresses regret over Cyclone George casualties (.pdf)
Cyclone Jacob crosses Pilbara coast (.pdf)
Five die in Fiji floods: reports (.pdf)

Tuesday 13 March:

And that's it! All done! :)

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Weather reports

Posted by kim @ 8:03pm

Wow, one report in 12months is the longest break that I think I've ever had from blogging. I would have started writting again at the start of this year, when the storms and cyclones started turning up again, if it wasn't for a few things like the net link dieing on my laptop, then when I tried to use my desktop instead, I found that my backup copy of my webpage wasn't there .. all on top of a huge lack of time.

Anyway, its all sorted out now, but consequently I now have over a month of almost daily charts and news articles to write up. On the upside, I'm on holidays now until after Easter so I'll hopefully have a chance to catch up with a lot of them.

So here we go, I'll start from the oldest and move up to the latest.

Thursday 1 February:

Friday 2 February:

Articles for Friday 2 February:
NT prepares for east coast cyclone (.pdf)

Saturday 3 February:

Articles for Saturday 3 February:
Cyclone warning remains for Gulf communities (.pdf)
Mackay flood threat eases as rain continues in Townsville (.pdf)
Gulf communities may be spared cyclone (.pdf)
N Qld town isolated by flood waters (.pdf)
Food dropped to stranded towns (.pdf)
Storm threat looms for top end (.pdf)
Authorities say flood threat easing in N Qld town (.pdf)
Gulf residents prepare for possible cyclone floods (.pdf)
Florida storm, tornado death toll rises (.pdf)

Articles for Sunday 4 February:
Motorists urged to steer clear of flooded Nth Qld roads (.pdf)
Gulf communities remain under cyclone watch (.pdf)
Highway reopens as north Qld floods subside (.pdf)
Clean-up begins after north Qld floods (.pdf)
Clean-up begins after Florida tornado kills 20 (.pdf)
Rare whooping crane flock killed in Florida storms (.pdf)

Articles for Monday 5 February:
Flood waters wreak havoc in north Qld (.pdf)
Tropical low moves from coast to NT inland (.pdf)
Floods spark croc warnings (.pdf)
Residents face evacuation as floodwaters rise (.pdf)
Northern towns hope rain will fill Lake Eyre (.pdf)
Fire devastated town warned of new threat (.pdf)
340,000 flee deadly floods in Indonesia's capital (.pdf)
Strong quake between Jamaica, Cuba (.pdf)
Floods displace 340,000 (.pdf)
Jakarta floods continue to wreak havoc (.pdf)
Jakarta residents abandon homes, fill hotels (.pdf)

Tuesday 6 February:

Articles for Tuesday 6 February:
Cyclone forms in north (.pdf)
North Qld on cyclone alert (.pdf)
Tropical Cyclone Nelson looms in gulf (.pdf)
Cyclone Nelson to hit Cape York (.pdf)
Massive WA fire still uncontained (.pdf)
Police numbers build up in preparation for cyclone (.pdf)
Cyclone expected to intensify over gulf coast (.pdf)
Cyclone intensifies off north Qld coast (.pdf)
Aust, US give aid for Indonesian flood victims (.pdf)
Howard 'no idea' about climate change (.pdf)
Sir David Attenborough to retire (.pdf)

Wednesday 7 February:

Articles for Wednesday 7 February:
Indonesians warned of disease risk as flood toll rises (.pdf)
Cyclone Nelson coming to Qld (.pdf)
Cyclone Nelson crosses Qld coast (.pdf)
Cyclone battering coastal towns (.pdf)
Barge abandoned as cyclone batters north Qld (.pdf)
Dwellingup fire threat eases (.pdf)
Crew wait for rescue as Nelson batters barge (.pdf)
Cyclone Nelson weakens over Qld coast (.pdf)
Cyclone adds to flooding woes (.pdf)
Cyclone Nelson losing intensity (.pdf)
Cyclone Nelson brings rain, little damage (.pdf)

Thursday 8 February:

Article for Thursday 8 February:
Snow causes transport chaos in Britain (.pdf)

Friday 9 February:
Heavy snow causes disruption in Britain (.pdf)
Rising flood waters force villagers to flee Mozambique towns (.pdf)

Ok, that's it for now. More later.