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Friday 29 June 2007

If only

Posted by kim @ 10:34am

I wish I could do something like this with my life ...

Thursday 28 June 2007


Posted by kim @ 8:47am

I'm sitting in the coffee shop again and there's a lady sitting just down from me who's clearly trying to push her case to the man sitting across from her, talking about the project they're working on and the manager's meeting she has later today.

Glancing in their direction I'm struck by what she's wearing.

I think she'd have a lot more success swaying both the man with her, and the managers later, if she wasn't wearing a gawdy red, blue and yellow jumper with yellow bulbuls on it.

What an odd choice of clothing for such an 'important' day.

It doesn't exactly paint the 'professional', 'I know what I'm talking about' picture.

Tuesday 26 June 2007

The 'cr' in SAP

Posted by kim @ 11:51am

I mentioned the other day having overheard various 'conversions' where people were 'discussing' the problems they have with SAP. I heard another one yesterday, this time said by the husband of one of my collegues, who happens to work for a government department. He'd come in at the end of the day to wait for his wife and had seen me trying to sort out yet another problem with ITManager's help. After me explaining briefly what we were doing, or trying to do, he said "Yeh, its funny how they can get the 'cr' to sound like an 's' in SAP".

I thought that summed it up pretty well :P

Sunday 24 June 2007

One dead dog

Posted by kim @ 5:21pm

Hehehe we got back from taking Sam to the dog park about half an hour ago, and boy, do we have one wacked-out dog :) At first he was a little freaked out; when we got there we were they only ones there so he could smell all these other dogs but not see any, and probably expected them to jump out at him, so the hackles were at full height and he wouldn't go more then a metre or two from me. But a few minutes later a kelpie turned up and after the obligatory sniff at each other, nothing bad had happened so he thought that was ok, said a quick 'bye mum' over his shoulder and was off, playing. More dogs turned up every few minutes and half an hour or so later, he'd managed to run himself absolutely ragged playing with the other dogs - the Kelpie, a little Maltese, a Terrier, two Labradoodles and Jess.

So overall, I think the dog park is a big hit and I don't think we'll have much trouble getting Sam into the car to go there next weekend :)

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Upgrades continued again

Posted by kim @ 12:34am

Oh, and the column that used to be called 'Sales Orders', that showed you if there was any sales orders (client orders) in the system for any given product, is now called 'Committed'... Yep.

And did I mention that the column for Cost of Goods has totally disappeared (or most likely been renamed to something totally obscure like the others), so now I can't actually book anything in anyway until they sort it out.


Update, 7:16pm: I ended up cornering our IT Manager, who had been assisting the SAP guy with the upgrade and asked him about the Cost of Goods problem that I was still waiting for SAPGuy to fix. This was at 4:45, after having waited several hours and only been given one 'solution' by SAPGuy, which I'd shot down moments later by telling him that I'd already tried that and it didn't work. (In fact that had been the reason I'd asked in the first place.) 'Oh' was the response, he'd tested it on my computer, found that sure enough it didn't work and had gone away, never to be heard of again. So I'd asked ITManager instead, at 4:45, 15mins before I was supposed to be going home. Ten minutes later our IT Manager was back down to me with an actual solution. One that worked. Ten minutes after having asked him about it. Ten minutes. Ten.


No, actually its not. Because SAPGuy has done that with almost every 'problem' we've ever presented him with - he waits for divine intervention, or for someone else to come along and solve it for him.

And that's just what our IT Manager is like. He gets presented with a problem, and he finds a solution. Pronto.

But then, SAPGuy gets paid by the hour. BigMoney, by the hour. So that could be one answer.

And its highly likely that we know more about SAP, since we use it on a daily basis, then he does. So there's another answer.

Upgrades continued

Posted by kim @ 11:55am

I'm currently trying to book in some stock (I'm the Purchasing Officer for our little retail store) and yeh. Firstly, instead of just being able to click on a nice big buttons at the bottom of the screen that say something like 'Purchase Order', so you can upload the products ordered on the Purchase Order into the Invoice, you now have to click on a tiny little drop-down menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select the document type that you want to upload from, ie Purchase Order, Delivery Note, etc. Yep, that makes it easier; big button to click on, versus tiny drop-down menu.

Secondly, if you're uploading from a Delivery Note into an Invoice, it now overwrites anything that you'd previously typed into the Invoice, like the Invoice number for example, and puts the Delivery Note number there instead. So then you have to change it back. Yep. Real useful. (insert sarcasm)

Thirdly, a few of the columns have now been renamed from things like 'Price', meaning price ex gst, and 'Price Including', ie the price including gst, to 'Price after Discount' and 'Gross Price' respectively. Yep. That makes a lot of sense. And makes it a lot clearer, less confusing and easier for new people to learn how to use the system. (insert more sarcasm)

Yep. Great job guys.


Posted by kim @ 10:29am

We had yet another 'upgrade' last night at work, this time to our SAP system (I don't mind mentioning which system we use because lots of other companies/organisations/etc use it, including a lot of government departments, and I've over-heard many a 'discussion' at the bus stop about the problems other places are having with it, so we're not alone in holding a low opinion of it).

A few moments ago, the lady sitting across from me, KN, was trying to sort out how to do a few things, basic things, like reconsile different accounts - she's Accounts Receivable now that our usual AR lady has gone on maternity leave - and when it was finally sorted out and the SAP guy had wandered off again, she leaned around her computer and says to me 'how is adding in a dozen more steps supposed to make things easier?'. I couldn't answer that question with anything other than a shrug and to say 'that's what usually comes from so-called 'upgrades', especially SAP upgrades.'

Its true, isn't it? When an 'upgrade' is performed, almost without exception, the person initiating the upgrade usually says something like 'now, this should make things a lot quicker/easier for you'. I'd like to know, how is adding more steps into a process supposed to make things either easier or quicker? It doesn't. Because, again almost without exception, 'upgrades' always entail adding in a stack more steps to make things a lot more complicated, while making it a bit more pretty-looking to try to hide the fact that the 'upgraded' system is crappier then the one you used to have.

More wacky weather

Posted by kim @ 10:01am

They're still trying to sort out the 'upgrade' to our accounting system so I can't really do a lot, and I'm bored, so here are some more weather articles from last weekend through to today.

Saturday 16th June
Rain, wind cuts power on NSW central coast (.pdf)
Massive floods in Britain after month's rain falls in one day (.pdf)
NSW braced for more severe weather (.pdf)
Thick fog to blanket Melbourne until afternoon (.pdf)
SES crews descend on Newcastle to help with flood clean-up (.pdf)
Venice whirlwind injures 25, blows out Pearl Jam gig (.pdf)
Flash flooding reported around Sydney (.pdf)
Severe weather warning issued for southern NSW (.pdf)
Severe storms cause Sydney chaos (.pdf)

Sunday 17th June
Sydney flood threat subsides (.pdf)
Fresh Qld SES team heads for flood clean-up (.pdf)
Flood threat eases but NSW coast still dangerous (.pdf)
Four rescued from flooded Sydney river (.pdf)

Monday 18th June
Road warning for Tasmanian motorists as temperatures plunge (.pdf)
Weekend flooding sparks busy weekend for SES (.pdf)

Sunday 17 June 2007

First walk

Posted by kim @ 1:07pm

Took Sam for his first little walk just before, and he LOVED it :D He's getting very good on a lead and doesn't drag behind or pull ahead anymore, but as he's still a puppy he'll only get short walks until his little leg muscles and joints can cope - ie for at least the next few months. But he just loved today's little outting to the end of the street and back :)

And with that little milestone, I thought I'd put in a few pics of our not-so-little puppy. The first is one taken just after we got him, for comparison with the next (using my leg to show the size difference), which was taken the week-before-last.

And here's one that's a little blurred, but its the best I've been able to get while he's awake:

Where did this cute little puppy go?

He's certainly not that little anymore. And he's got A LOT more growing to do yet.

Oh, and if there's suddenly no word from me, its because I'm having more trouble with my lappy; Wednesday's entry below is actually being uploaded today, along with this one, because my poor little computer died, literally, mid upload the other day and we've only been able to get it to turn on again this morning. So if there's suddenly a big gap in entries, its probably because my computer's given up the ghost again.

Wednesday 13 June 2007

Sad puppy

Posted by kim @ 7:56pm

Gosh, some serious grovelling going on now.

Because Sam still isn't allowed to go out for walks, his nails are getting long so we tried cutting them again. This was the third attempt in his little life and with me holding his paws for short periods each day, he was slowly getting used to being still while we hold his paws (and cut his nails). But half way through the exercise tonight he moved suddenly and Iain accidently cut too deep and took the end off the little bloodvessel that runs down the centre of a dog's nail. Not surprisingly he yelped, and immediately went into serious submission, thinking that he must have done something majorly wrong for us to hurt him like this (not that we would hurt him even if he did do something wrong, so don't think that). It took some serious pats and cooing on my behalf to try to get him to move even a little so I could inspect the damage. Yep, it was bleeding.

As soon as Iain stepped away a few paces, he wiggled free and headed straight for the door, and the relative safety of the back of his kennel. Iain tried to coax him out with a little bit of left-over meat that we had from dinner, but he wouldn't have a bar of it. So I went out there with the meat on the palm of my hand, holding my hand just inside the door, and he slowly came forward to get it. We thought then that we'd just wait until he was ready to come back inside on his own. It took a few minutes, but gradually a little head poked around the corner of the kitchen bench. As soon as we spotted him and said hello he quickly back-peddled and shot back outside again. A few minutes later he tried again, and this time I was standing at the end of the bench, waiting. I slowly bent down and patted him, and that was OK. As soon as Iain spoke and tried to step towards him however he tried to wiggle away again, but I gently held him and continued the pats and friendly words. Then Iain, still a few steps away, laid down on his belly on the floor and put his head down on his hands like a dog would do if they were trying to say they were sorry, and Sam stopped wiggling to watch. Then Iain slowly rolled over onto his back and looked up at Sam, his head now upside-down on the floor, at a lower level then Sam's, in the most submissive position possible. Sam thought this might be OK so slowly edged towards him. He sniffed, and when Iain didn't move, he gave him a bit of a lick and sat down, but as soon as Iain moved, he ran back behind 'Mum's protective legs again. I asked him if he wanted to come have a shower with us (he knows 'shower' now and enjoys licking at the water as it flows off our fingertips, or as it accumulates and runs towards the drain - we only have a curtain, rather then a door, to our shower so its a bit difficult to keep him out, and its a relatively harmless entertainment for him so we don't discourage it). He purked up quite markedly at that and was happy to follow us up to the bathroom and watch/lick at each of us in turn as we had our showers. This demonstrated that he wasn't in trouble because he was still allowed inside and even in to have 'shower' time.

That was over an hour ago now and although he's still not entirely sure of Iain, he's gradually going near him again, and get heaps of pats when he does so.

It must be really sore though (not surprisingly) because he keeps pacing and hiding in his kennel, trying to get away from it, and coming to us whimpering.

Its going to be a long time before we'll be able to even reach for the nail clippers without him running for cover.

Oh well. He'll be able to go for short walks after next weekend so it might not be so important anyway.

I wish there was something I could do for him, but I wouldn't even be able to put a little sticky-plaster over it without him pulling it off straight away.

Saturday 9 June 2007

Wacky weather

Posted by kim @ 6:06pm

Although Brisbane received more rain this week, in two days, then we've probably had for over a year, it still hasn't had that much of an affect on our dams or the drought we're stuck in the midst of. Down south however, its gotten ridiculous:

Seven dead, one still missing in flood waters (.pdf)
Salvage crews board coal ship (.pdf)
Wharf collapsed, boat sunk (.pdf)

And a few of the many pics that people have taken and sent into

Friday 8 June 2007

Short men

Posted by kim @ 8:25am

I'm currently reading Goldfinger, after having finished Dr No earlier in the week, and found this passage interesting:

"Bond always mistrusted short men. They grew up from childhood with an inferiority complex. All their lives they would strive to be big - bigger than the others who had teased them as a child. Napoleon had been short, and Hitler. It was the short men that caused all the trouble in the world."

That explains quite a bit, about a few of the men I know.

Thursday 7 June 2007


Posted by kim @ 8:50am

I think I'm coming to this coffee shop too often: not just the manager knows my coffee by heart but the other staff do as well and its getting to the point that I walk in and by the time I've finished paying, my coffee is ready, almost like they start it before I've ordered. Oh well. There could be worse things :)