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Sunday 15 July 2007

Good idea

Posted by kim @ 1:05pm

Now why can't they do something like this over here?

Why? Because the council might actually have to invest more money making the city bike-friendly. Because they would have to put in more bike paths that actually go to the city, instead of around it. Because a lot of the older buildings in the city don't have showers. And, most of all, because the vast majority of commuters are lazy, and wouldn't go in for something like that even if it was available to them.

No, 'lazy' isn't the right word. The majority of city workers these days have some kind of gym membership, but they'd rather spend a sweaty hour or so in a stinking gym, then go for a half hour or so bike ride in the relative fresh air, even though they'd probably get more benefit out of it, and use up less of their precious time in doing so.

So probably 'strange' is closer to the correct adjective.

Saturday 14 July 2007


Posted by kim @ 3:09pm

My mum, nan and I went to the movies earlier today to see the new Harry Potter, Order of the Pheonix. I thought that it was pretty good; they'd left a lot out, but you expect that - I mean, really, it'd be pretty difficult to condense a 700+ page book into two and a half hours of movie; some parts are bound to be lost or mixed around a bit. But overall, I found it to be ok.

Afterwards though ... what is it with elderly people and having to grumble about everything all the time? Do they not have anything positive to say? Because my nan just wouldn't shut up about how disappointed she was with the movie and how it was nothing like the book. Note though, that when we were discussing it over coffee afterwards, she keep saying how she was disappointed that they didn't put in this and that other part, and mum and I had to keep correcting her and telling her that that those parts weren't in this book, they were in previous ones - like the scene where Harry fights with Voldermort in the cemetery, she was *very* disappointed that they'd cut that entire bit out, and we had to tell her that they hadn't, that it was part of Goblet of Fire, not Order of the Pheonix. Sigh.

So this went on for some time, and she gradually moved on to grumbling about other topics, and I began to wonder when we were going to go home so that I could get away. A rather sad thing to be thinking, when I hadn't see my nan for some weeks and had on most previous occasions greatly enjoyed the outtings with her.

What shocked me the most was when we were in Big W, I was looking at books (my friends reading this will say 'now there's a surprise' :P) while my mum and nan looked at getting nan a new coffee plunger. When they caught up to me in the book section, I pointed out one of the books I'd read the blurb off while standing there. It was one called The Caged Virgin, written by a Muslim woman, about her fight against the oppression and maltreatment of women that is part of the Muslim culture. I had pointed to it and commented that it sounded like an interesting read. And what came out of my nan's mouth directly after that totally gobsmacked me. I would never have expected such prejudice to come from one I call family. Never. I was totally stunned. Then of course she wouldn't leave it alone, and I felt myself urged to buy the book just to spite her.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm home now. Just me and the dog.

And feeling rather disappointed with the whole experience.

Friday 6 July 2007

Personal touch

Posted by kim @ 8:45am

I really am coming to this coffee shop a lot .. I'm beginning to know how my coffee will taste before I get it, simply based on which barista's on duty that day: Guy = slightly more bitter coffee (or it could be less choc since I have mochas), BlondeGirl = sweeter, nicer coffee, like as if the beans have been roasted just right, and not made slighty bitter by over-roasting.

That isn't to say that Guy's coffee is bad, because it certainly isn't .. its just 'normal', its what you would get from any coffee place, its what most people make, its what most people expect to get. I just like BlondeGirl's coffee a little better :)